The restaurant industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the past three decades. In 1970 , the food service in the US was a $42 billion industry. The NRA projects that in 2009 it will reach $566 billion. Americans spend a lot of money eating out. In 2005, the average person spent $1054 on food away from home. Added to this , the consumer has more choice than ever, and estimated 945 000 locations in 2009 making a very competitive environment.

It is no wonder that the hospitality industry is also investigating the benefits of digital media in general and narrowcasting in particular to improve their own businesses.

Narrowcasting services boast a host of advantages, including:

- the ability to respond quickly to changes in customer demographics and respond with appropriate marketing for these changes ,
- impress customers with marketing that speaks to them on a personal level
- effective branding techniques
- cost-effective advertising
- increasing sales by providing point of sale marketing
- promotions that increase revenues and move stagnant merchandise
- raised awareness of new services and products
-reduction of perceived wait time
-reduction of printing expenses and promotional material
-elimination of the need for changeable menu boards-both light boxes and paper
-the ability to update information due to laws and regulations, a good example being the calorie-count disclosure regulations being mandated regionally.
In December 2009 we deployed our dynamic digital signage solution in the Taco Bell franchise in Cyprus. Although the franchise operates digital signage solutions in their stores worldwide, they opted for our solution for their stores locally. Their decision was mainly based on the following :

•    Price competitive
•    No programming skills required to maintain our solution with the company’s marketing skilled personnel being able to update and create new content
•    No or little hardware limitations
•    No down time as all information presented on the monitors is found locally and does not reply on a central server for feed.
•    Fully Parameterized content from CMS with multiple output formats, such as html and flash.

In such a dog-eat-dog arena, brands must find as many avenues of differentiation as possible. Dynamic digital signage, can act as a major source of several key types of such differentiation. It can:
•    Provide timely announcements , such as the special of the day,
•    Day part menu items and show only the relevant items available
•    Entice the purchase of new or little known products
•    Effectively show what products look like in real time
•    Offer useful community information and real time quotes from customers, news feed and web content.

From the amount of enquiries we are receiving from international franchisee holders, since the Taco Bell installation, it seems that our software is pioneering itself into the industry, but it’s a matter of time before a competitor jumps onto the wagon as well. Thus, it is important for us to stay ahead of competition by expanding the capabilities of our software and or to establish co-operations with major players who have the ability and the structure to penetrate the hospitality industry to its maximum.